YOKKAO Apache Shin Guards

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YOKKAO Boxing Muay Thai shin guards are professional Muay Thai shin guards ideal for Muay Thai or K-1 training. The Apache shin guards offer twice the protection with a raised shin protective layer for added safety.

Inspired by the Apache Tribe, Native Americans famed for their tenacity and fighting skills, the Apache shin guards designed by YOKKAO embody this fighting spirit.The shin guards are decorated with an unique Apache pattern print finishing for a stylish and modern look.

YOKKAO shin guards are the choice of gear used by the best Muay Thai champions and fighters in the world like Saenchai and Singdam. 

  • YOKKAO Apache Collection
  • Ideal for Muay Thai or MMA sparring
  • Constructed with triple layers of high-impact foam
  • High-Quality Premium cowhide leather and real denim fabric
  • Unique Apache-inspired design
  • Completely Handmade in Thailand
  • Stress-resistant closure straps
  • Improved comfortability
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip interior for extra stability
  • Remain steady during sparring
  • Sizes available from S to XL